Thursday, January 7, 2010

What a Beautiful City--Buenos Aires

So I´ve been in Buenos Aires for two days now. And let me say this start gets started LATE.


Went to the airport and was informed by Aerolinhas Argentinas that the reservation I was sure I made, wasn´t really made. So I could buy a ticket there for flight with Max or I could buy the flight coming with Mark at 9 p.m. The morning flight was $200 more expensive, so I opted to head back home and wait out the day for the night flight.

We did take off--about an hour late--but arrived in Buenos Aires around midnight and into our Bed and Breakfast around 1 p.m. It´s a converted apartment, about five quest rooms, and has a nice, clean, older feel to it. I´m becoming a fan of bed and breakfasts. They do most things a hotel will for you, but smaller and serve a free continental breakfast each morning. Anyway, here we are.


Since we´d arrived rather late that night, we didn´t really get going from the hotel around 10 a.m. Mark found a 3 days in Buenos Aires promo plan from american airlines online and we followed it. Went to the Pink House (called because about 100 years ago one of the leaders painted the building PINK to satisfy two fighting political parties...the red party and the white party. Thus the PINK house which seemed to satisfy them. Then we went to a couple more sites, the renovated warf area (see pictures), this really cool building in which the lower floors were architecurally designed after the HELL in Dantes Inferno and the upper floors represented Paradise and Heaven. At the top of the building, and after climing two floors of very narrow and winding starwells, we made it to a light house look out tower and could see the entire city (21 floors up). But it was so small and surrounded in glass that you could very off balance by the moving clouds. The pictures turned out well, but I was happy to descend to hell, so to speak.

We saw many old churches, BEAUTIFUL Architecture more in the mode of something you´d expect in Paris than South America, and ended the day with an interesting TASTER menu meal that lasted us 4 hours and cost just about as much as a VERY fine meal in NYC--a lot but it what an experience and really, it was good AND filling--surprising EVEN to me.

I slept well and was ready for the day today, which I´ll have to tell you tomorrow because Mark´s mother and her friend are here in Buenos Aires as well and are waiting for us to eat at one of the city´s best steak houses--a change from last night for sure.

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  1. When we visited the Bahamas 7 years ago, we too visited a city building that was painted pink for much the same reason. You must admit, it is noticable.
    Love you!