Monday, January 4, 2010

We're Not "Buying" in Kansas Anymore either with fingers crossed or not, I think I got the approval to buy the apartment. The Condo Association came back and asked for another $4,500 in the asking price (I think to pay the realtors...) but I still think it's a good deal and if I accept, I can buy it.

Here's a link to Google Map showing the location of the apartment. Check it out.

and if you wanna get a bigger perspective of where it is in relation to the beaches and city overall (well the South Zone area), check this one out.

So the wheels are in motion. I contacted a real estate attorney that had worked with a friend in closing his deal. She's going to start researching everything tomorrow. I wanna make sure EVERYTHING is legal and in order before I sign on any dotted line.

But I must say, I'm kind of nervous and excited at the same time.

Think we can get it all done by Friday the 15th? I'm not so sure. And even if that happens, the work has really just begun. THIS I KNOW.


I'm off with two friends tomorrow to visit Buenos Aires, Argentina. With all that's going on, I kind of wish I wasn't going, but if I were to stay here, I'd just get nervous and start fretting about everything. At this point, it's kind of out of my hands anyway. Now it's up to the lawyers, real estate people, etc.

Oh and a little issue about me getting a Brasilian Social Security Number...I applied for that...but we'll see how long it takes.


At about the end of my lesson today, Nisa asked if she could confide in me...being that I was a PASTOR of my church (she did add many years ago), she felt she could share some things she had not told anyone else.

I panicked...oh no, what is she gonna confide in me...HELP!

She then went into this long story about her male renter and him throwing Fits of RAGE whenever he talks to his wife on the internet...I guess she's left him and took their one child with her and he wants them back but she won't come back (i'm guessing because he has a violent temper when he gets angry). My Portuguese teacher is now facing the brunt of seeing his rage and anger played out. He's busted two laptops (his) and last night he pulled a light fixture from it's spot in the ceiling--in the other renters room--OOPS. And she's a bit worried what he might do if lashing out the next time.

So she was asking me what she should do.

I said, Um, give him a warning...if he does it again, he's out.

That was easy, and no one needs a divinity degree for that one.


I've got to be up by 7 a.m. tomorrow, so gonna check in and head to bed. Night.


  1. Wow, I can't believe you are making Rio home or at least the 2nd home. That's perfect, David and I wanted to come over for the Olympics, do you care if we stay there? For FREE!
    Have fun in Argentina.....and don't do anything I wouldn't do, but I'd do just about anything! (Robert reminded us at family dinner this week that this was one of Grandma's favorite sayings.
    Love you Brett. Be careful and I mean it.

  2. Seriously, wow doesn't really cover it! So does that mean you are going to be moving there or will you have to hire someone to fix it up for you? What did you get it for? I can't remember - I wanna say about $80G? We need pics? I hope your trip to Argentina was/is fun and like Kristi said, safe. Good luck with everything. I love you.

  3. A pastor? You did a good job on the advice. Love you!