Friday, January 8, 2010

Six Feet Under In Style


After some continental breakfast, we headed out to see if we could find the airline office and change our tickets from 6 a.m. on sunday to a later flight. After looking for a bit of time, and realizing finally we had been given wrong direction, we gave up and headed to the one of the most famous cemeteries in the world, Recoleta.

There in is bured Evita Peron. Her family mosulium wasn´t that spectacular, but she is definitely the DRAW at this cemetery. But the cemetery is so cool. Just this mini buildings housing generations of caskets of the family dead. And so eleaborate. It was really beautiful.

Interesting enough, there was an actual funeral arriving when we did, so about 50 people were dressed in their best sunday best while the other 200 people mulling around the place were in their tourist worst. :) An interesting mix.

After a light lunch at a restaurant that had one menu, but they charged about 10-15% more for any item on it if it was served outside on the patio versus inside (go figure), under this TREMENDOUS Banhan, so big and beautiful, we were ready for the afternoon.


From there, we headed to the Hyatt (Mark´s mother is staying there), mostly to use the bathroom, but also because they´ve attached an old palace to the hotel and Mark´s Mother insisted we take a look.

Then a taxi ride to an area of the city where someone came up with this great idea to paint the neighborhood apts/houses various bright colors, and WALLAH, it´s now a tourist trap. With all the traditional touristy trash to buy. I bought NOTHING. We wandered around here for a bit, watched some people doing Tango dancing for tips, ate a little, then the took a city bus back to the downtown area to again try and exchange our tickets.


All that wandering around the city to try and find Aerolinhas Argentina, when we finally did, they were all sold out of all other flights on Sunday. So I guess we´ll either not be getting much sleep Saturday night, or we just won´t sleep until we head to the airport at 4 a.m. UGHHHH!

We did do quite a bit of leather shopping, although so far only Max had made a real leather purchase (riding boots, as he´s thinking of taking up riding again). I do like the smell of leather shops though.


After a quick nap and shower back at the B & B, we headed up to the Palermo area for dinner at this Steak House with Mark´s mother and her friend. The dinner was BIG, and the meat portions HUGE, and good, but not great. (I made the mistake ording my Ribeye steak Medium Well done--it came back a bit OVER COOKED). But that´s my mistake for ordering it that way.

We´d planned to come back to the apt and then head out for some night life, but by the time Mark was able to look something up on the ineternet, I´d crashed...

Another fun day in BA.

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  1. You and I are alike, it seems, in that I too really dislike wandering around a tourest "swap meet" type area. Your description reminded me of the place on the old Provo to Springville road we would visit often. That I enjoyed. Touristy spots that mimic that, I DO NOT.
    Love you!