Saturday, January 2, 2010

Live a Little, Learn a Little

Three things I learned today:

1. Even if someone says there's a public park at the top of this long steep road, um, there isn't always.

2. No matter how deep you dive to avoid a huge wave passing over you, sometimes you still get sucked into it and get sandy water up your nose and ears.

3. Laundry always takes longer to dry online than in a dryer. ALWAYS


Nothing on the apartment. Well, I shouldn't say nothing. I asked my realtor in the morning and he thought they'd have a response by the afternoon as he was working today--he would let me know.

By 5 pm. and no word from him, I called him. He answered from the beach, (apparently working all day didn't mean ALL day), and "oh yes, I was gonna call you", but the condo board has to have four people sign...maybe tomorrow.

So again, no news on that so far.


I made my third batch of beans and rice, and while they LOOK DELICIOUS, they taste a bit salty. But I'm not sure which is which..I think it's the rice, but I'm not sure.

Oh well...I'll get better at it.

Other than that, I stayed inside most of the day, cleaning house, doing laundry, and cooking--a woman's work is never done.

And also a little bit of recuperating as well.

That's all folks for today.

1 comment:

  1. YOU hit it on the head. I think I will have that posted on the right side of each blouse I own, "A womans work..."
    Love you!